Nov. 17, 2021

007 - "Beyond The Obvious" with Miiri Kotche

007 -
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On this episode we had one of my most impactful engineering professors, Miiri Kotche PhD. 

In this episode we discuss:

  • Starting as a Validation Engineer and making the decision to go back into academia 
  • Teaching engineering students during the pandemic
  • Answering the age old question: "Do you use your degree?"
  • Moving to Finland and her experience as a Fullbright Scholar at VTT
  • STEM Programs and giving back

Dr. Kotche is the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs and a Clinical Professor of Biomedical Engineering at the UIC College of Engineering. Her focus is on providing real-world experiences in education for bioengineering and medical students, by bringing industry experience in product development into the classroom. Miiri leads two programs—the Clinical Immersion Program for engineering and medical students, and the Bioengineering Experience for (High School) Science Teachers (BEST). Miiri is the Director of the Medical Accelerator for Devices Laboratory (MAD Lab) at the UIC Innovation Center, where an interdisciplinary student team of graduate-level engineers, designers, business and medical students provides early concept and business development of medical devices for clinicians across the campus.

Miiri has been recognized as a U.S. Fulbright Scholar, UIC Master Teaching Scholar, UIC College of Medicine Rising Star, UIC Teaching Award recipient and College of Engineering Faculty Teaching Award recipient.

Dr. Kotche can be reached at


PS - apologies for my mic coming in and out a few times. I've found the issue and addressed.