Dec. 29, 2021

013 - “Big Rocks and Little Rocks” with Jumha Abu-Razeq

013 - “Big Rocks and Little Rocks” with Jumha Abu-Razeq
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This episode of the podcast was with Jumha Abu-Razeq of Stoopid Fit. I wanted to bring Jumha on in preparation for 2022. Jumha was the first coach I hired and I did so after losing 100 lbs and finding that despite my success in weight loss, my relationship with food still needed a lot of work. I still didn't feel in control. I believe for us to be the best professionals we can be, it’s important to be healthy physically and mentally and in that way health is not defined as the absence of sickness but something that’s more positive than that. I found great success in working with him and I hope you find value in this interview.

Jumha and I talk about his thoughts on New Years resolutions, goal setting, fat loss, sleep, stress, health and his recommendations for who should get coaching. I hope you enjoy the episode with Jumha! 

Jumha Aburezeq is Owner and Operator of lifestyle nutrition coaching brand Stoopidfit. His mission is to help as many people as possible break free from complexity and restriction, by embrace simplicity and freedom to live happier and healthier lives.