Jan. 19, 2022

016 - "Be More Specific" with Joe Hage

016 -
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This episode of the Combinate Podcast is with Joe Hage. Joe and I talk all things medical device marketing. We discuss how storytelling is even more important for medical devices than other industries, how he helps clients clarify their vision and messaging, the importance of being specific and concise, the medical device marketing process, hist start in the food industry and transitioning into MedTech, a single book recommendation and the 10x Medical Device Conference. Joe Hage leads the Medical Devices Group(MDG) with more than 350,000 subscribers, the most useful website serving the medical device industry. Joe also runs his company, Medical Markom, where he provides medical device marketing services, and helps companies engage qualified prospects. He is the host of the 10x Medical Device Conferences where he unites Medical Devices Group members in fun and educational forums each year. Medical Devices Group: https://www.medicaldevicesgroup.net/ Medical Marcom HELL List mentioned in the podcast: https://medicalmarcom.com/medical-device-marketing/selling-medical-devices-2019/ The 10X Medical Device Conference will be in San Diego, CA this year on May 10-12: https://medicaldeviceevents.com/