Feb. 16, 2022

020- "The Right Words" with Kathy Walsh


On this episode we had Kathy Walsh, Director and Principal at Quality Systems. Kathy and I discuss:

  • Her Book: "Eliminating the Gobbledygook:  secrets to writing plain language procedures"
  • Her background starting as a PhD Microbiologist and moving into Quality Systems/Technical Writing
  • Where most companies have issues with their procedures 
  • Plain Language Skills: Active voice vs. passive voice, Process Mapping, Inference Building, Sentence Parsing, document structure and more
  • The origins and history of "plain language"
  • The history of Fonts
  • How to make for more efficient document reviews and advice she has for writing technical documents and procedures

Dr. Kathy Walsh is a scientist, a  PhD biochemist with post-doctoral work turned QS expert. She helps companies in regulated industries design & implement quality compliance solutions that increase productivity and master the quality challenges in their marketplace. She most recently wrote her book "Eliminating the Gobbledygook:  secrets to writing plain language procedures" and is joined us from  Melbourne, Australia.



  • Kathy can be reached on LinkedIn HERE
  • QSN: https://www.qualitysystemsnow.com.au/
  • Eliminating the Gobbledygook:  secrets to writing plain language procedures: Book Link