March 16, 2022

024 - "Operating Under Constraints "with Naveen Agarwal

024 -

On this episode of the podcast, Naveen Agarwal PhD from Creative Analytics Solutions.

Naveen and I discuss: 

  • Running almost 1500 miles and the importance of constraints 
  • Risk Management Vigilance vs. Surveillance 
  • Customer Experience focused Quality Improvement and Post-Market Surveillance 
  • Common Issues with P1/P2 Implementation  
  • Data Based Decision Making Frameworks
  • Methods NIST Malcolm Baldridge Award Appraisal 
  • Toastmasters 

Naveen Agarwal PhD is an Engineer by training with nearly 20 years of professional experience in Product Development, Quality Systems and Data Analytics. As a result, he's developed a very broad and deep expertise in all of the core functions involved in the entire lifecycle of medical products. Naveen joins us from Creative Analytics Solutions where his mission is Helping Medical Companies Build Safe Products. Naveen is a PhD Polymer scientist turned QM consultant and expert.