March 30, 2022

026 - "Quality" with H. James Harrington

026 -
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This is Part 1 of the episode with H. James Harrington PhD of Harrington Management Systems. On this part of the episode Dr. Harrington and I discuss: 

His first experience in Quality at 6 years old 

The evolution of Quality over the last century Quality in a service vs. a product 

What the "Gurus" of Quality were like: Juran, Ishikawa, Feigenbaum, and Crosby 

ISO:56002 and the Innovation Process Considered one of the Quality "gurus"


Dr. H James Harrington has a decorated career with 40 years at IBM, 10 years at Ernst & Young, and has held multiple executive roles at various companies since. He's written more than 55 books on performance improvement. He was the chairman and president of ASQ and has multiple quality awards named after him. He's currently the CEO of Harrington Management systems, an International consulting firm focused on performance improvement, strategic planning, and organizational alignment for both private and public organization.


ASQ - H. James Harrington: Link 

H. James Harrington: Link 

Books Written by H. James Harrington: Link