April 27, 2022

030 - "Why Don't I Try?" with Marc Koska

030 -

On this episode of the Combinate Podcast, I was joined by Marc Koska, Founder of Apiject. Marc and I discuss:

  • The Importance of Understanding a Problem
  • Developing Models for Courtrooms in the US Virgin Islands
  • How he discovered the problem with Syringe Re-Use and HIV
  • The development of the K1 Syringe
  • How he drove the outlawing of reusable syringes in India
  • Some Problems of Pre-Filled Delivery Systems Currently
  • The Apiject BFS Design
  • Future of Apiject and Solving Drug Delivery Challenges
  • The importance of Self Motivation
  • Biomimicry

Marc Koska is best known for his breakthrough invention the K1 syringe which is a non-reusable syringe that prevents the transmission of blood borne diseases. He is the founder and head of R&D at Apiject.

Marc Koska: Link

Apiject: Link