May 18, 2022

033 - "Specialization" with Erik Barkley

033 -
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On this episode of the podcast, we go off our normal topics within BioTech and MedTech and discuss a topic that is near and dear to me; Coffee! I was joined by my friend Erik Barkley, Founder and Owner of Tugboat Coffee Roasters. Erik and I discuss:

- How Erik and I met a few years ago

- How he works with coffee farms around the globe

- The life of a coffee bean: growing, processing, roasting and brewing

- The roasting process

- What some of the grading, certifications mean around coffee, and how to buy coffee as a consumer

- Tips and Tricks for making the best drip, pour over, and espresso at home

- Coffee Roasters and Coffee Books he recommends


Erik Barkley is the Founder and Owner of Tugboat Coffee, a wholesale, specialty coffee roaster dedicated to creating profitable coffee service for our customers through low overhead and focused services.