May 25, 2022

034 - "Agent" with Mitch Robbins

034 -
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On this episode, I was joined by Mitch Robbins, founder of the Anthony Michael Group based in Denver, Co. Mitch and I discuss:

- How he got into recruiting

- The business model for recruiting (contract, retained, engaged)

- Interview Matrix - interview strategies for objective unbiased candidate selection

- The overall recruiting/hiring process and some of the tools AMG uses to find the best candidates (Market Mapping, Intake Calls, and More)

- How to select the best candidate by using a case study or test drive

- When a recruiter should be engaged?

- His Podcast The MedTech Talent Lab 


Mitch Robbins is the founder and Managing Director of The Anthony Michael Group. Mitch has an extensive background in the recruitment and staffing industry.  Prior to founding The Anthony Michael Group, Mitch worked for two of the most prestigious, nationally recognized search firms Spherion and Management Recruiters International (MRI). Mitch achieved a ranking as high as #12 out of over 3,500 recruiters within MRI.
He was the recipient of multiple achievement awards for excellence in recruiting. These included the Southwest Region Rookie of the Year, and MRI’s Pacesetter distinction. Mitch has been the choice of the experts to deliver training to both rookie and seasoned recruiters across multiple disciplines on numerous occasions.
The Anthony Michael Group, or AMG, is a boutique executive search firm. Headquartered in a suburb of Denver, CO we assist Food, Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Medical Device, and Diagnostics organizations across the United States to hire the top 15% of Regulatory & Quality leadership talent at the CXO, VP, Director, and Manager levels. When you work with The Anthony Michael Group, you can count on our team’s tenacity, authenticity, and accountability while we deliver results for you.



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