June 8, 2022

036 - "Those Moments Keep You Grounded" with Yousef Arman

036 -
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On this episode of the podcast, I was joined by Yousef Arman, Founder of The Vial Store. Yousef and I discuss:

  • His background growing up around Pharmacists and Pharmacies
  • What starting a Pharmacy Requires and Day to Day Operations
  • Pharmacy Pricing/Costs and how they make money
  • Demand Planning, Formularies and how pharmacies always seem to have medications
  • The role of Specialty Pharmacies in developing areas
  • The Vial Store and where the idea came from

Yousef's Articles: 

  • The Evolution of Pharmacy – A Short History Part 1 – The Ancients:  Link
  • The Evolution of Pharmacy – A Short History Part 2 – The Middle Ages to 1900: Link
  • The Evolution of Pharmacy – A Short History Part 3 – The Last 150 Years: Link

Yousef Arman, is the Founder of The Vial Store. Established in August 2015, The Vial Store provides reliable, cost effective and quality products that exceed its customers’ expectations.  It demonstrates relentless commitment to quality, integrity and continuous improvements.
Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, the company sells vials, ointment bottles, pharmacy jars, prescription bags and other pharmacy supplies across the United States and Canada.