June 22, 2022

038 - "Clinical Trials" with Dan Sfera

038 -
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On this episode, I was joined by Dan Sfera, aka "The Clinical Trials Guru". Dan and I discuss:

  • Clinical Trials from the View of the Patient and the link to Primary Care
  • Institutional Review Boards
  • Informed Consent
  • Patient Accrual, Inclusion/Exclusion and Screen Failure
  • Role of the Sponsor
  • Sponsor/CRO/Study Site Dynamics
  • Roadblocks in Clinical Research
  • Decentralized Clinical Trials

Dan Sfera is the Founder and Site Director of Yuma Clinical Trials, Founder of the CRA and CRC Academies, Co-Founder of DSCS Sweat Equity and Investments, and one of the Author's of the Comprehensive Guide to Clinical Research. He is also the Host of The Random Musings from The Clinical Trials Guru Podcast.



Book: Comprehensive Guide to Clinical Research

Podcast: Link