Aug. 10, 2022

045 - "Combination Products around the Globe" with Susan Neadle

045 -
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On this episode, we were joined again by Susan Neadle! This episode was focused on the current state of Combination Products globally. Susan and I discuss:


- CPC Summit and Updates from FDA

- Essential Performance Requirements(EPR's)

- ASTM Harmonization for an International  Combination Products Terminology Standard

-Different Approaches to Combination Products Globally : US, EU, UK, Canada, Japan, China, Australia, and Saudi Arabia

-Upcoming Combination Products Conferences in Q4

Susan Neadle, MS, BS, FAAO is a recognized international Combination Products and Medical Device expert with over 35 years of industry experience.  She is Principal Consultant and President of Combination Products Consulting Services LLC, applying her extensive leadership and technical skills and experience to provide hands-on design-to-value, program management, quality & compliance, and regulatory consulting services, for pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industries. Among her many significant industry affiliations and contributions, she serves as Chair of the ISPE Combination Products CoP, lead author on the ASTM International Combination Products Standard Committee.