Aug. 17, 2022

046 - "Inflation Reduction Act" with Sarfaraz Niazi

046 -
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On this episode of the podcast, I was joined by Sarfaraz Niazi. Dr. Niazi and I disucss:

- The Inflation Reduction Act

- Out of Pocket Costs

- Part B and Part D Drugs

- Price Negotiation vs. Price Control

Prof. Sarfaraz K. Niazi, Ph.D., SI, FRSB, FPAMS, FACB, founder of Pharmaceutical Scientist Inc. and Adello Biologics (acquired by Kashiv Biosciences), is an adjunct professor at the University of Illinois. A prolific inventor with scores of patents in a variety of fields to his name, Sarfaraz has developed the MayaBio® bioprocessing platform that allows faster development and manufacturing of biological products at the lowest cost. Sarfaraz has published extensively including consumer articles and books, refereed scientific research, technical handbooks, poetry translations, philosophic rhetoric, and technical textbooks that are required reading worldwide. He has written most books in the field of bioprocess engineering and biosimilars. His honors include the prestigious University of Illinois Alumnus of the Year Award, Inductee into Chicago Entrepreneurs Hall of Fame, the Star of Distinction—the high civil award from Pakistan; Forbes magazine has called him, “The Most Interesting Man Revolutionizing the Health World.”