Sept. 28, 2022

052 - “All Work is Process” with Larry Mager

052 - “All Work is Process” with Larry Mager

On this special episode of the podcast, I was joined by Larry Mager. As the 52nd episode, I wanted to thank Larry for being my first interview a little more than a year ago! 

On this episode, Larry and I discuss: 

- His experiences with Pharma and CRO clients vs. Medical Device 

- Predictive Quality Management across both medical device and pharma 

- Management Review and Compliance/Effectiveness/Efficiency 

- Prioritization, finding the right metrics and not measuring every process 

- His Books and what’s to come 

Larry is the Principal and Founder at Mgmt-Ctrl, a company that focuses on bringing thoughtful quality management that goes beyond compliance only. He has three decades of experience in the medical device industry, and has held responsible positions within medical device manufacturing companies ranging from start-ups to multisite, highly matrixed organizations. He has held executive management responsibilities in both quality management and operations management roles and is experienced in interrelated quality disciplines, such as quality systems, management control, CAPA, supplier control and management, risk management, quality assurance/control, lean manufacturing, product development engineering, and results-oriented management for continuous improvement. You can reach Larry at