Dec. 21, 2022

064 - "Robust and Tunable" with Skip Creveling

064 -
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On this episode, I was joined again by Skip Creveling. During the last episode, Skip walked through Design for Six Sigma(DFSS), and finding/measuring what's important(critical parameters and tolerancing). 

In this episode, he discusses:

  • Design and Development processes in Pharma and MedTech
  • How DFSS can be integrated into lifecycle management
  • Design Review strategies

Clyde "Skip" Creveling is the President & Founder of PDSS Inc. Skip has led the DFSS initiatives at Merck, Motorola, Carrier Corporation, StorageTek, Cummins Engine, Becton-Dickinson, Mine Safety Appliances, Callaway Golf, 3M, Samsung SDI, Sequa Corp. and Universal Instruments. Prior to founding PDSS, Skip worked at Eastman Kodak for 17 years as a product development engineer within the Office Imaging Division and  spent more than 10 years as a systems engineer for Heidelberg Digital as a member of the System Engineering Group. Skip also served an Assistant Professor at Rochester Institute of Technology, developing and teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in mechanical engineering design, product and production system development, concept design, robust design, and tolerance design. Skip is also a certified expert in Taguchi Methods.