Jan. 25, 2023

069 - "EU MDR Extension" with Michelle Lott

069 -
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On this episode, Michelle Lott discusses the EU MDR Extension that was formalized by the European Commission and what it means for industry.  If you'd like to hear more about Michelle checkout episode 031 "The 5 stages of Regulatory Grief" and checkout Michelle's Blog @ LeanRAQA.com) and Michelle's Podcast RAQA Today. Michelle Lott is the founder and principal of leanRAQA, which has supported 100+ companies with regulatory strategy, regulatory submissions, quality systems compliance, FDA audits, due diligence, technical support services – (and grief counseling, because dealing with regulators can be emotionally draining!). She has served on the FDA Device Good Manufacturing Practices Advisory Committee and is a vocal advocate of EU MDR readiness. Michelle serves the medical device, dietary supplements, biologics, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and food industries.